A Journey Into the Kingdom of Bliss

With great joy and authority David is raising up Kings and Priests for the Kingdom of God.

His Mandate


There are blue prints of heavenly strategies that God has released to David for cities and regions. He is called to pray those things forth to see the Kingdom of God advance.

Heavenly Government

He has been taught by God in the hidden place how to move in the Heavenly realms and bring to earth what is released in heaven.


God has released great wisdom and revelation to raise up disciples that will withstand the test of time. Mighty men that won’t back down but will rise with great joy knowing God is on their side.

"Time to Walk like a Priest and a King"

The time is now to walk with the authority that has been given to you by Christ Jesus..

There is a wealth of knowledge and Godly wisdom that has been poured into David through God. He moves with great insight to the hidden things in scripture and has been given the words to teach "these" things to the Children of God.

Not only does David understand the government of heaven and jurisdiction of the heavenly host, he also knows about the priestly order of mankind..

He trains up and helps set people free in Jesus through deep revelation and love through God towards man.. He is a mighty intercessor...

At a very young age God enountered David and took him on a fast course of governmental authority and how to move in revelation. Now God has taken him into the depths of the Bridegroom to teach him how to raise up women and men that not only are priests of God but are also his Bride.

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