A Journey Into the River

The river of God that flows from her life breaks people free from bondage. People are freed to swim into the depths of Christ.

Her Mandate


“Love covers a multitude of sins.” God has given her a tender heart for people who are made in the image of God.


What springs from the heart of one who has found the “One” who loves her?
Joy! Joy is released as the new wine is fully given.


Laurel has been called to be a golden pipe through which God’s Spirit can flow. She is a connecting rod and out from her life flows the river of God.

"Time to Swim"

Laurel started her life with Jesus at the age of 12 years.  She was water baptized at 16 years in the ocean and came up out of the waters with a glorious outpouring of His presence.  At 18, she was baptized with Holy Spirit and received her prayer language.  When she was 19, she took a state test in Oregon to see what she would be good at.  The only career that came up was a “bartender”.  She thought, “That is the most stupid test I have ever taken!  I’m a Christian, why would I want to be a bartender?”  There is more to come concerning this, but for now, we will continue on.   

Laurel joined a new church in 1974 and became part of a “family” like she had never experienced before.  She served as deaconess in the areas of hospitality and church treasurer for many of the 26 years in that body of believers.  She flowed freely in the prophetic and worshipped the Lord with her whole body.

In 1995, Laurel received prayer from the outpouring in Smithton, Missouri and her whole body started shaking whenever she worshipped.  At home, vacuuming and watching Benny Hinn, she shook to the ground in her living room with the vacuum falling on her.  She shook for 5 years in any church or any place where she would worship.  Then, in 2,000, the shaking changed to a weighty glory that either poured over her or started from her feet up.  This wonderful manifestation of Holy Spirit has continued to the present.  She has found that the “bartender” job suggestion was from the Lord himself, because she is a “bartender” in the Spirit.  She has found herself pouring out wine to others and has been told that she has 2 wine barrels over her head.

As the weighty glory comes, she is unable to stand and Holy Spirit overwhelms her with deep intercession in which spiritual battles take place in the heavenlies where “territories” are taken for the Lord.

Laurel walks naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth.

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