A Journey Into the Depths of Restoration

Ricardo is called to usher in healing and restoration for the children of God. He moves as the Spirit leads him while he ministers.

His Mandate


To love those that nobody sees or hears. He is the friend of the lonely and the imprisoned either physically or spiritually. God has poured love into the depths of him that allows him to love others.


Restoration to Christ is a passion that burns deeply in his heart. He longs to bring forth the fullness of the healing nature of Calvary to the Church and the world.


He is called to preach the Gospel and ignite hearts back to Love Himself… There is a fire in his voice that ignites excitement to the things of God.

"Time to be Restored and Unite"

Ricardo has a heart after God and loves to spend time in the Word and prayer.

He has been led by Jesus to preach in many venues. He has an ability to gather people together in excitement as they worship and love on God. He also creates an atmosphere of joy and rejoicing in worship. He loves to give gifts and share all that Christ has given him.  Ricardo gathers people into fellowship with his love of food and cooking.

Ricardo's desire is to unite the Spanish and English people of God. He hopes to see a church united not only in denominations but across cultures and nationalities.

If you would like to book Ricardo Carballo for one of your event please email us and we will email you a request package.